Adirondack Inspection Services & Engineering

In December 2004 I started a residential/commercial building inspection and engineering business. The business focus is to provide inspection services to prospective real estate buyers and engineering services for residential and small business building projects. Since 2004 I have inspected over 1000 residential and commercial buildings in northern New York and have completed over 150 engineering designs for residential and commercial projects.

If you are in the market to purchase a home or business there is nothing more important than the structure of the building you are contemplating buying. If the home or business you are about to purchase is not structurally sound you may be buying into a money pit. The wall paper, paint, floor coverings, kitchen finish and bath treatments, etc are all cosmetic. It is the underlying framing and foundation that are important. If the Home Inspector you hire is not an engineer and does by chance identify a problem with the foundation or structure he or she will have to refer you to an engineer to have the situation evaluated. That is, if they recognize a problem, if they don’t find the problem see the reference above to the money pit.

Start out the process at the top of the game hire an engineer that has experience in structural inspection and design to inspect your new home or business.



  • Engineering License # NY 052624-1
  • Home inspection License # NY 16000037407


  • American Society of Civil Engineers


  • Norwich University Northfield Vermont, Graduated 1969, B.S. Civil Engineering